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Kenai River Guided Fishing

"Calling fishing a hobby is like calling brain surgery a job." - Paul Schullery

Guided Salmon Fishing ~ Guided Trout Fishing ~ Guided Fly Fishing

Rainbow Trout ~ Dolly Varden Char ~ King Salmon ~ Sockeye Salmon ~ Silver Salmon

Professionally Guided Full and Half-Day Fishing Trips

Leave the stress behind

​Take a guided day trip with a great Alaska fishing guide and instructor and leave with memories that will last a lifetime.  We have great options to choose from for your guided Alaska fishing trip and our rare permits give you the best water to fish.


We are a small Alaska guide shop and we keep your group size small, just four fishermen per group and your professional Alaska fishing guide.  It is your trip and we can customize it to make it the best fit for you.

We’ve got you covered

No need to buy fishing gear or pack your fishing stuff.  We provide everything you need for fishing for the day.  If you are staying in Cooper Landing your Cooper Landing fishing guide can even pick you up.


​Plan for success

Find out the best time to come fishing with your Alaska fishing guide by consulting our Trip Planning page.  We also offer multi-day fishing and adventure packages that we can customize to fit you.  Contact us today and we can take the guess work out of planning your perfect Alaska fishing trip.

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Guided Upper Kenai River Drift Boat Fishing Trips

June 11 - October 31

Kenai River Fishing Guide

Fish in one of the most beautiful settings on earth with us.  The turquoise waters of the upper Kenai River flow out of Kenai Lake in Cooper Landing.  Everywhere you look the surrounding natural beauty is postcard perfect.  The river meanders through the Kenai Mountains in the Chugach National Forest and the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge for 17 miles to Skilak Lake.


Motors are not allowed in most of this stretch allowing us to get in touch with nature and the river.  Rare permits give us the ability to share this entire stretch of river with you including Kenai Canyon guided fishing trips through the most remote stretch of the Kenai River!


We float and fish the upper Kenai River from our custom 20 foot drift boats in small groups sometimes stopping in the best places to do some Kenai River wade fishing from shore.  Where we fish in this stretch is determined by your interest, the weather and fishing conditions.


Kenai River fly fishing and spin fishing on the upper Kenai River is an unparalleled experience.  Fishing for native Kenai River rainbow trout and dolly varden char is an excellent choice.  Cooper Landing salmon fishing is also fantastic during our two Kenai River sockeye salmon runs and our two silver salmon runs.

Come on a Cooper Landing fishing charter and you might consider moving here, I did!

Shared Boat Trip

Full Day $325 per person ~ Half Day $225 per person

Private Boat Full Day Trip

(1-2 Anglers) $900 ~ (3 Anglers) $1200 ~ (4 Anglers) $1300

Private Boat Half Day Trip

(1-2 Anglers) $675 ~ (3-4 Anglers) $900

Inclusive Multi-Day Packages Available

Guided Kenai Canyon Drift Boat Fishing Trips

June 11 - October 31


Fishing the Kenai Canyon


Flowing between Jim’s Landing and Skilak Lake within the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge the canyon is the epitome of Cooper Landing trout fishing.  The canyon also offers unparalleled views and excellent seasonal Kenai River salmon fishing.  This is my favorite place on the planet and where I go fishing whenever I can.


Rare guide permits, stretches of class 2 and 3 rapids, a sometimes rough gravel road and a lake crossing that is weather dependent all keep this gem of the Kenai unspoiled and less visited than any other stretch of the Kenai River.  This stretch of river is also drift only (no motors) so you really get the chance to immerse yourself in nature.


This is Kenai river fly fishing and light tackle spin fishing at its finest.  Fishing the Kenai canyon offers the opportunity to target trophy resident Kenai river rainbows.  Many of the most impressive trout on the upper Kenai call the canyon home.  The canyon also hosts large seasonal runs of dolly varden and arctic char and excellent seasonal Alaska sockeye and silver salmon fishing.


In short the canyon offers the best of everything, it is the crème de la crème of Alaska guided fishing, but it is still a wild river with native fish and the catching varies greatly day to day.


The canyon is best experienced in small private groups of 3 or less fishermen per boat.

Private Boat Full Day Trip

(1-2 Anglers) $1050 ~ (3 Anglers) $1300

Inclusive Multi-Day Packages Available

Guided Middle Kenai River Drift Boat Fishing Trips

June 11 - October 31

Kenai River Fly Fishing

Come fish the  middle Kenai River with your Kenai River fishing guide Mike Adams!


The middle Kenai River flows out of the glacial waters of Skilak Lake in the heart of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.  From Skilak Lake the river meanders for 12 miles to Bings Landing in Sterling, Alaska.  Clear days offer beautiful vistas of the Chugach Mountain range and the vast Wildlife Refuge is home to a large variety of Alaskan wildlife.


There is excellent Kenai River trout fishing for rainbows and dolly varden and this larger stretch of river can produce excellent trophy Kenai River trout.  As the Kenai River salmon runs make their way upstream  to Cooper Landing we can fish for them here first.

Small groups access all the best water on our guided drift boat fishing trips here.  Motor use is allowed on Kenai River fishing trips in this stretch of the river and we use an outboard motor to cross Skilak Lake and to run back upstream to fish the most productive spots.

A Kenai River fishing charter on the middle Kenai is an excellent choice.  Let's fish it together!

Shared Boat Full Day Trip

$325 per person

Private Boat Full Day Trip

(1-2 Anglers) $900 ~ (3 Anglers) $1200 ~ (4 Anglers) $1300

Inclusive Multi-Day Packages Available

Guided Kasilof River Drift Boat Fishing Trips

May 16 - October 31

Kasilof River fishing guide

Come on a guided Alaska King Salmon fishing trip on the Kasilof River for your best shot at Alaska’s most iconic fish.

The Kasilof River flows out of enormous Tustumena Lake and the silty glacial waters make their way approximately 20 miles downstream into Cook Inlet.  Fishing the Kasilof River by drift boat with your Alaska salmon fishing guide Mike Adams provides great opportunities for Alaska salmon fishing without fighting the motor madness of the Lower Kenai.


King salmon here average 20 to 30 pounds with 50+ pounders brought to hand every season.  Drift boat based small group King salmon fishing charters focus on the high tide to bring you the greatest chance of success with Alaska’s big game fish.  Two runs of Kasilof King Salmon give us opportunities for guided Kasilof River salmon fishing from mid-May through late July.

The two king runs are followed by strong runs of Silver salmon and a late fall steelhead run.   Fishing with your Kasilof fishing guide can reward you with the spectacular fight of big fish on relatively small water.  Come on a Kasilof River fishing charter and experience the rush with us!

Shared Boat Full Day Trip

Full Day $325 per person

Private Boat Full Day Trip

(1-2 Anglers) $900 ~ (3 Anglers) $1200 ~ (4 Anglers) $1300

Inclusive Multi-Day Packages Available

Hike and Wade Alaska Fly Fishing

June 11 - October 31

Cooper Landing guided fishing

Get closer to nature and lose the boats with an Alaska wade fishing trip.


These Alaska fly fishing trips get you into the natural world and give you the best chance of seeing bears and other beautiful wildlife with your Alaska fly fishing guide Mike Adams.

The Kenai Peninsula is nearly covered with rivers and creeks that are excellent for guided trout fishing for rainbows and dolly varden char.  Some rivers also have great guided Alaska salmon fishing and a few even have quality fall Alaska steelhead fishing.  Guided fishing opportunities abound and change with the seasons.


 The Russian River is the largest tributary on the Upper Kenai River in Cooper Landing.  The Russian River is one of our top choices for hike and wade Cooper Landing fly fishing.  Guided Russian River fishing trips are a favorite with many dry fly fishermen and the salmon runs here can be prolific.

Leave the boats and big water behind and enjoy nature and great fishing on a hike and wade guided Cooper Landing fishing trip!

Private Full Day Trip

(1-2 Anglers) $900 ~ (3 Anglers) $1050 ~ (4 Anglers) $1200

Private 6hr Trip

(1-2 Anglers) $750 ~ (3 Anglers) $900 ~ (4 Anglers) $1000

Inclusive Multi-Day Packages Available

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