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Guided Alaska Salmon Fishing

Still the Best Place on Earth to Salmon Fish

Experience a personalized small group guided salmon fishing experience with us.  Come salmon fishing in Alaska with Alaskan Angling Adventures!


At Alaskan Angling Adventures we want to be your Alaska salmon fishing guide.  We have rare permits that allow us to fish the best water at the best times to increase your chances of success.  We offer a wide variety of guided day trips and inclusive multi-day packages to accommodate any itinerary.  If you don’t see what you are looking for we will be happy to create a package that is a perfect fit.  Availability is limited so plan ahead and reserve your Alaska guided salmon fishing trips today!

To learn more and to prepare yourself for your trip we recommend looking over our Trip Planning page.  Bag limits vary by species, area and season and are subject to change by Alaska Fish and Game without notice.  Catch and release is encouraged but optional.  Fish cleaning is complimentary and fish processing is locally available.  For more information on limits and seasons please Contact Us.

Salmon Run Timing

King (Chinook) Salmon

Season: May 16 - July 31

Peaks: June 10 - June 25

July 12 - July 31

Sockeye (Red) Salmon

Season: June 11 - August 20

Peaks: June 13 - June 25

July 10 - August 10

Silver (Coho) Salmon

Season: August 1 - November 31

Peaks: August 10 - August 25

September 25 - October 31

Pink (Humpy) Salmon

Season: Even Year Returns

Peaks: August 15 - September 25

Kenai River Salmon Fishing
Kenai River salmon fishing
Kenai River Salmon Fishing
Kenai River Silver Salmon
Kenai RIver Sockeye
Kenai River Salmon Fishing
Kenai Silver Salmon Fishing
Kenai RIver Sockeye Fishing
Kenai River Salmon Fishing
Kenai River Salmon
Kenai River Red Fishing

Alaska salmon fishing is renowned around the world and Kenai River salmon fishing is some of the best in Alaska.  The Kenai is over 80 miles long and is best fished by boat.


The key to success on the big water of the Kenai River is choosing the right Kenai River fishing guide.  On this river knowledge and experience are essential.

We offer Kenai River fishing charters focused on Kenai River sockeye salmon fishing, Kenai River silver salmon fishing and Kenai River pink salmon fishing.


Due to poor returns of Kenai River king salmon in recent years we do not offer guided Kenai River king salmon fishing trips at this time.


Kenai River fly fishing for sockeye salmon is perhaps the most popular, and with good reason.  Kenai River red salmon fishing can be spectacular with two runs of salmon often totaling over 1 million fish.

Kenai River coho (silver) salmon fishing is also a great choice and Kenai River fly fishing or Kenai River spin fishing for these slightly larger acrobatic fish is a fall favorite for many of our return clients.

Kenai River pink salmon fishing provides a lot of action and is usually combined with Kenai River trout fishing and/or Kenai River silver salmon fishing.  Pinks only return to the Kenai on even numbered years.

The incredible Kenai River salmon runs bring an immense amount of food for virtually every living creature within the Kenai watershed and we have them to thank for our incredible abundance of resident fish and wildlife.  Even the plants in the river valley rely on the returning fish to bring and deposit large quantities of nitrogen.

Experience a Kenai River fishing charter with your local Kenai River fishing guide Mike Adams!

Full Day $275 per person ~ Half Day $175 per person

Private Boat Full Day Trip (1-2 Anglers) $825

Private Boat Half Day Trip (1-2 Anglers) $525

Inclusive Multi-Day Packages Available

Cooper Landing Salmon Fishing
Guided Cooper Landing Drift Boat Fishing
Cooper Landing Silver Salmon
Kenai RIver Silver Salmon
Cooper Landing Fly FIshing
Kenai River Red Salmon
Cooper Landing Silver Salmon
Kenai RIver Sockeye Salmon
Kenai RIver Salmon Fishing
Cooper Landing Sockeye

The upper Kenai River in Cooper Landing flows through the beautiful Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and the Chugach National Forest.  At Alaskan Angling Adventures we have the rare permits to be your Cooper Landing fishing guide on the entire upper Kenai River including the most remote stretch, the Kenai Canyon.

On your guided Cooper Landing drift boat fishing trip we drift and fish the motor free waters of the upper Kenai River nestled between the peaks of the Kenai Mountains.


Two sockeye salmon runs and two silver salmon runs offer a lot of opportunity for guided fly fishing for salmon or guided spin fishing for salmon both from the boat and from shore.


Copper Landing drift boat fishing trips on the upper Kenai are an exceptional experience.  We are your local Cooper Landing fishing guides and this is our backyard.  We would love to share it with you on a Cooper Landing fishing charter!

Full Day $275 per person ~ Half Day $175 per person

Private Boat Full Day Trip (1-2 Anglers) $825

Private Boat Half Day Trip (1-2 Anglers) $525

Inclusive Multi-Day Packages Available

Russian River Guided Salmon Fishing
Guided Cooper Landing Hike In Wade Fishing
Sockeye Salmon Fishing
Russian River Salmon Fishing
Russian RIver Brown Bears
Russian RIver Fly Fishing
Russian River Sockeye
Alaska Sockeye Salmon
Russian RIver Sockeye
Russian RIver Black Bear

Get into nature with a guided Cooper Landing salmon fishing trip on the Russian River.  Hike and wade Cooper Landing fly fishing at its finest.

Russian River salmon fishing is most famous for the two prolific sockeye salmon runs that return every year.  Guided Russian River fishing trips get us closer to nature while providing awesome fly fishing battles with these incredibly strong fish.

As your local Cooper Landing fishing guide we have the experience to guide you to success and lasting memories wade fishing on the Russian River.  If you are looking to leave the boats behind and immerse yourself in nature while fly fishing for salmon this is the trip for you!

Full Day $250 per person ~ 6hr $200 per person

Private Full Day Trip (1-2 Anglers) $750

Private 6hr Trip (1-2 Anglers) $600

Inclusive Multi-Day Packages Available

Alaska King Salmon Fishing Charters
Guided Kasilof River Salmon Fishing
Alaska King Fishing
King Salmon Fishing
Kasilof RIver King Salmon
Kasilof River Salmon Fishing
Alaska King Salmon Fishing
Kasilof RIver Salmon Fishing
Alaska King Salmon
Kasilof King Fishing
Alaska King Fishing

Perhaps no fish is more synonymous with Alaska salmon fishing than the king salmon.  Drift boat charters on the Kasilof River focus on the high tide to give us the best shot at the freshest salmon.  Take a Kasilof River fishing charter and take shot at Alaska’s most iconic fish.

The Kasilof also has a very significant sockeye salmon run.  Guided Kasilof River red salmon fishing trips are an excellent choice between the king salmon runs.


In recent years Alaska Fish and Game has frequently closed king salmon fishing in many parts of the state.  The Kasilof River has fared better than most, but it is always possible that your king salmon fishing charters could be impacted by regulation changes.


We are your flexible Alaska guide service and if regulations change we will find the best alternative for your guided fishing trip.

Alaska king salmon fishing is big game fishing and we slow troll with bait or tackle to give you the best chance of landing these hard fighting legends.  Every tide is different and king salmon fishing in Alaska can be the most challenging of all Alaska salmon fishing but it can also be the most rewarding.  Increase your odds of landing a Kasilof River king salmon by fishing with an experienced Kasilof River fishing guide.

Full Day $275 per person

​Private Trip (1-2 Anglers) $825

Inclusive Multi-Day Packages Available

Guided Fishing in Sterling Alaska
Guided Middle Kenai River Salmon Fishing
Sterling salmon fishing
Kenai Coho fishing
Kenai River sockeye fishing
guided fly fishing for salmon
Kenai River fly fishing
fly fishing the kenai river
Alaska guided salmon fishing
Alaska red salmon
Kenai River sunrise
Kenai River salmon guides
Kenai River silvers
silver salmon charters

Located in the heart of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and the middle of the 80 mile long Kenai River, Skilak Lake empties into the Kenai River 50 river miles from Cook Inlet.


Our middle Kenai River guided salmon fishing charters focus on the 12 miles of river between the lake and Bings Landing in Sterling Alaska.


The fly fishing for salmon on the Kenai River can be epic and the fresh fish in the middle Kenai fight hard and don’t give up.


Spin fishing can also be very effective and there are times when the aggressive takes make this style of salmon fishing a great choice.


At Alaskan Angling Adventures we offer guided sockeye salmon fishing and guided trips for silver salmon during their respective upriver runs on this scenic stretch of the Kenai River.  On a clear day you can see all the way across Cook Inlet and the majestic Kenai Mountains provide a beautiful backdrop for our guided drift boat fishing trips through the wildlife refuge.


Motors are allowed on the middle Kenai and we use our motor to cross Skilak Lake and at times to move between the best holding water.  We also salmon fish on the drift and form the best spots along the shoreline of the wider middle Kenai River.  Guide fishing trips on the middle Kenai River are an excellent fit for lots of fishermen and having a great Kenai River guide is the secret to success.


Come experience Kenai River salmon fishing with us and make some unforgettable memories to last a lifetime!

Full Day $275 per person

​Private Trip (1-2 Anglers) $825

Inclusive Multi-Day Packages Available

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