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COVID-19 Update from Alaskan Angling Adventures

The fishing season is approaching, but it is still months away. Certainly there is going to be a lot of change between now and then and the challenge is to stay healthy, to stay positive and to help each other get through the challenges.

Here in Cooper Landing Alaskan Angling Adventures remains open and I am staying busy in the outdoors and in the office tying flies, painting beads and generally preparing for the season to come.

Due to the unique nature of the current coronavirus situation and the implications for travel at the moment Alaskan Angling Adventures is announcing a temporary update to our cancelation policy:

Due to the extenuating circumstances caused by the Coronavirus Alaskan Angling Adventures LLC. is happy to extend a credit certificate on all cancellations for trips set to take place on or before May 31, 2020. The certificate is valid until October 15, 2021. Our current cancelation policy will remain in effect for any trips scheduled for after May 31, 2020. You can view our cancelation policy here. Alaskan Angling Adventures will continue to monitor the situation and will update this policy as necessary.

Whether you have been fishing with me for many years or are going to be a first time traveler to Alaska. I want to thank you all for your support at this unprecedented time. My focus at the moment is on the health and wellness of my family, my friends and my family of clients and on a return to normalcy for all of us.

The wildfires last season created challenges for all of us here in Alaska and most especially for those of us on the Kenai Peninsula. We will show the same resilience now and together we will ride this out. Alaskan Angling Adventures will still be here to be a part of your Alaskan memories when everything returns to a more normal pace of life.

In the meantime the outdoors offers us the perfect place for social distancing and for some peace and tranquility in this very stressful time. I have been taking advantage of the beautiful landscape I call home as much as possible and I highly recommend it! Getting out into your local natural environment just might provide the stress relief and perspective that seems to be much needed at the moment while enabling you to keep your distance form others.


Mike Adams

Alaskan Angling Adventures

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